It’s always a great time to adopt a cat. In June, the height of kitten season, American Humane celebrates Adopt-A-Cat Month® -- the perfect moment to add a feline friend from your local shelter to your home.

What should you know about taking the best care of kitty? American Humane provides A Cat Adoption Checklist that helps you plan the joyous arrival and set the stage for years of contented purring. When you adopt a shelter cat, you’re off to a good start on veterinary health, as most facilities include spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchipping in the adoption fee. But there are other preparations to make. (Hint: think dinnertime.)

Filling the food bowl is a serious priority

At PetGuard®, we’re focused on creating delicious, nutritious products to help you care for your new cat. Our formulas all start with the best ingredients like USA chicken or fish.  We have been making quality pet food since 1979.  Since then, we’ve been committed to providing natural recipes for well-balanced diets to make life delicious for your cat -- and promote a healthy coat, better skin and improved vitality.

Introducing PetGuard food to your new kitty.

Graphic showing bowls and transition plan for new food

  • For five to seven days slowly transition by mixing with the current food given to your adopted friend. Start with 25% PetGuard food, 75% old.
  • Each day, continuously increase the amount of PetGuard food.
  • When you’ve completed this transition, you can then rotate between our entrées and dinners seamlessly.

Try Premium Feast Dinner, Savory Seafood Dinner, or Chicken & Beef Dinner which all come in convenient can sizes for single and multi-cat family homes. 

  • 3 oz. – a perfect size for your new adopted cat to try
  • 5 oz. – the perfect daily amount once you’ve finished transitioning
  • 2 oz-- a PetGuard exclusive for the multi-cat household.

Premium Dry Food for Cats and Kittens offers optimal nutrition at any stage of life. Dry food allows your new fur friend to nibble on the food when hungry, which is the way most cats prefer to eat.

You’re going to be an awesome shelter pet guardian! Sign up as an official PetGuardian™, learn about our new products, contests, and promotions, and enjoy a happy, healthy life with your cats.