We know that our pets thrive in any environment when they’re mentally and physically stimulated. In fact, enrichment should be done with your pets on a daily basis. Even just five minutes a day will engage their senses, reduce stress, redirect extra energy, relieve boredom and add to their overall quality of life.

Have a destructive pet at home? Enrichment, when coupled with exercise, could be the key. Often times, pets are destructive because they’re bored. By providing them puzzles and games that exhaust their brain, that less than desirable behavior will go away.

And, making puzzles and games for your pets doesn’t need to be expensive! You can do so much with items you have laying around at home.

Take a cardboard box for example ...

For your felines, you can cut holes or make flaps all over the box, and hide treats or toys. Have a box of cereal you’re about to recycle? Throw some treats in it, close the top and toss it to your pooch.

Both of these simple toys will force your pet to use their brains to get to the treats or toys.

Be sure to monitor your pets when they’re playing with these items so they don’t accidentally ingest small pieces that get torn off.

At first, you may need to show Fido or Fluffy what you’ve hidden and lead them to figure out how to get to the toys or treats. But rest assured, the more often you do enrichment with them, the quicker they’ll pick it up.