It is the golden age of pet care. With approximately 95% of people considering their pets to be part of the family, they are making informed choices about foods, treats, toys, litter, enrichment and so much more.

Every loving pet parent experiences that twinge of guilt when traveling, sans their fur baby. Fortunately, there are now some wonderful care options. 


This is a viable option for well adjusted, social dogs, as many boarding facilities, or ‘pet resorts,” offer daycare as part of the package. This means the pups get to play together all day and then retire to their own suite (sometimes quite posh) for the night. 

Cats are territorial by nature and thrive on routine. Most become fairly stressed when taken out of their environment. Boarding should only be considered when all other options are exhausted.

What To Look For In a Boarding Facility

  • Cleanliness
  • Staffed 24 hours per day
  • Vet on site (or available)
  • Access to exercise areas
  • Webcam access so you can view your pet 24/7
  • For cats – vertical space with places to climb and hide, large window facing outside, commitment to daily playtime
  • It is important to keep dogs and cats on their regular diet, especially during a stressful time, like being away from home. PetGuardians™ should supply PetGuard ‘s high-quality protein foods for the duration of the pet’s stay.


Cost for Boarding Per Night

Dogs: $70 - $100+

Cats: $25 - $35

Rates can vary based on services offered and the location of the facility. There are luxury pet resorts that offer a chauffeur and personal chef.


In-Home Pet Sitting

Most cats and many dogs prefer this. Having a pet sitter come multiple times per day or stay overnight helps keep your pet’s schedule uninterrupted. If you have a responsible, reliable friend or family member that your pet knows, it is a wonderful option.

There are also professional pet sitters who do this for a living. They are knowledgeable, resourceful and come with rave reviews. Pet Sitters International is a wonderful resource.

Having in-home care ensures your pet will receive fresh food and water; litter boxes will be scooped, exercise/playtime will occur and your pet will receive lots of love and attention.

Overnight care covers 12 hours, beginning with dinner and includes breakfast in the morning. Your pet will be alone for the rest of the day (unless additional visits are arranged).

Keeping to their diet means your pet will continue on their path of good health. PetGuardians™ know PetGuard foods provide the finest ingredients from the best sources, including high-quality, antibiotic-free proteins and grains along with superior fats, vegetables, and fruits.


Pet Sitting in the Sitter’s Home

This is a cross between boarding and in-home pet care and is more suitable for dogs, than cats. Your pet will stay at the sitter’s home. There are often other pets being cared for, usually no more than three or four (please confirm before you deliver your pet).

Staying at the sitter’s home is a practical option for dogs that do not like to be confined, may become anxious around too many dogs (think daycare), and have no issue with an interrupted routine. It’s like a sleepover at a friend’s house.


What to look for in a professional pet sitter:

  • Do they offer a free meet and greet to see if they are a good fit for your pet?
  • Is their backyard secure and is the home safe for your pet?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have training in pet first aid?
  • Will they administer medications?
  • If staying at your home, will they take in the mail, water the plants and take out the garbage?

Can they provide several references?

Cost for In Home Pet Sitting

Overnight: $50 - $100 per night

Visits: $20 - $35 per visit (generally 30 minute visits). This may or may not include dog walking – discuss this with your chosen pet sitter.

Cost for Pet Sitting in the Sitter’s Home

From $25 - $35 per night

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to line up care for your pet.  For either option, recommendations from other PetGuardians are often the best resource for finding the perfect boarding facilities or pet sitter for your pet Be aware that both boarding facilities and pet sitters may charge an additional fee for multiple pets and on actual holiday days (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).