PetGuard is the pioneering pet food brand that produces well-balanced, highest-quality, all-natural, holistic pet foods and products. This has been our focus since 1979. In that time, we’ve helped achieve the health, happiness, and longevity for generations of pets. And as of Fall 2019, you can look for our bright, contemporary new branding! It represents the best of today’s pet food for health-conscious, informed PetGuardians.


Our formulas are tried and true. And because we continue to follow our guiding philosophy, we’re able to address some concerns that have become more important to pet parents in 2019.


Do you care about ingredient sourcing?

  • Products are made in the United States of ingredients sourced from the best locations around the world.
  • Selective proteins – we choose high quality proteins as the first ingredient.


Are you looking for a broad range of products so you can make the best, personalized selections for your pet and her needs?

  • Variety of formulas for all tastes and preferences
  • Large cans for multi-cat households
  • Highly palatable

Do you want to support healthy aging, longevity, and a lifetime of well-being for your pet?

  • Complete Lifestage formulas for all cats and dogs
  • Time-tested formulas that are proven healthy for pets over their lifespan—everything pets need, nothing they don’t


Whatever your top concerns, you can count on PetGuard for the all-natural, well-balanced foods, -- canned and kibble:


  • Natural & holistic recipes
  • Human-grade proteins
  • Wholesome whole grains your pets need in every formula
  • Chelated minerals for better absorption
  • Organic and vegan formula options
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • Exceeding AAFCO regulated nutritional levels


Look for our all new, contemporary packaging that embraces our history and expertise -- while speaking directly to pet parents like you.


We help pet parents guard their pet's health and happiness. Join PetGuardians Today!