5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with Your Cat or Dog

  1. Play with your cat or dog
  2. Take your dog for a walk
  3. Let your dog join in the family football game
  4. Give your cat or dog a safe place to rest away from company
  5. Give your cat or dog extra love while you watch Holiday Movies or Bowl Games


Treat Your Pets 

We love to treat our pets, but table scraps are not good for them. Even just a little bite of some Thanksgiving turkey may cause upset to your pets digestion. The best rule of thumb is to keep feeding your pets PetGuard foods and keep them away from any human food.  A special treat during this time may be a bowl of PetGuard Turkey and Sweet Potato Stew for Dogs or PetGuard Turkey and Rice Dinner for Cats.  

Beware of Toxic Food for Pets

Most people know that chocolate is dangerous for pets, but did you know that you must keep raisins, onions and chives away from your pets as well? Another food which can cause harm is the sweetener, Xylitol.  It is often found in toothpaste, gum and candy, but as it is has grown in popularity, you may even find it in unlikely foods like peanut butter, cookies and cakes.   For your pet’s health, just stay away from feeding human foods.  Also take care to insure that your pet does not accidentally ingest foods.   Keep your garbage away from pets so that they cannot get into the turkey bones or any of the table scraps and waste.  This may lead to accidental injury.