Your halls are decked, your cookies are baked, the presents are wrapped, and the tree is decorated.  All is calm and (hopefully) bright! But if you own a cat, you know that the peaceful “calm” may not last forever.

Cats are curious creatures and Christmas trees present a world of new things for your kitty to explore. Maybe he’ll climb to the tippy top or maybe she’ll snuggle up in the branches. Maybe he’ll play with the new, shiny “toys,” or maybe she’ll just enjoy the view. Each cat approaches the tree in their own way, so we studied photos of cats and Christmas trees to come up with 5 common personas:

Franklin, A Confident ClimberThe Confident Climber — From the second you bring the tree in, he eyes the tree with excitement and cannot wait to test out the new climbing tree in the living room.  To protect the Confident Climber, you’ll want to make sure that your tree is well secured to the wall or placed in a very sturdy base.  Remember: he knows no limits, so preparation is key!



Leo, A Persistent Player, loves the light-up fire truck ornament!The Persistent Player — He’s drawn to the shiny ornaments and lights and enjoys nothing more than batting them around or running off with a streamer.  To protect the Persistent Player, you should make sure your ornaments are non-breakable.  Avoid things like tinsel and streamers which may be very tempting to a cat with sticky mittens! Most importantly, hang your favorite ornaments (and anything small that he could choke on) high up on the tree, far out of reach.


The Diligent Drinker — She simply cannot get enough of the water in the tree stand.  Protect the Diligent Drinker by covering the base of the tree well so she can’t drink the water, and make sure she has plenty of fresh in a bowl nearby.  If you can’t deter your kitty, you may also want to switch to an artificial tree. 

Tinkerbell, a Determined Destroyer waiting patiently to pounce.The Determined Destroyer – He’s focused on destroying all the decorations, especially your tree.  For the Determined Destroyer, you can try your hand at a few different strategies.  Avoid – Only put out decorations that you know your destroyer peacefully co-exists with.  This may be a holiday pillow, a throw, or some wall décor.  Zone Decorate – In order to still have holiday cheer in your home, only decorate the rooms that your cat can’t enter.  (Maybe this is the year for Christmas in the basement!? You could start a new trend!) Enforcer – If you take the enforcer approach, be prepared to pull your cat off the tree at all times. This requires vigilance and is often the most challenging approach.

The Christmas Cat – All PetGuardians hope for a Christmas Cat.  She loves to sit under the tree and enjoys watching the twinkling lights up close.  She may sniff the branches, inspecting the foreign object closely to A Christmas Cat taking in the beauty of the twinkle lights.ensure it’s still not a threat. More than anything, she’s in the Christmas spirit—she’s peaceful, calm, and bright (eyed).

No matter which type of cat you have, we hope you both have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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