Fluffy, 18 year old long haired cat"Hello all you wonderful folks at PetGuard! I'm sure you get messages like this all the time... But I wanted to let you know that if it wasn't for your brand of cat wet food and dry food our 18 year old beloved Fluffy probably wouldn't be with us today. Back at the end of February she was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Kidney Disease. The vet followed the typical protocol and put her on Hill's Rx diet. Well she refused to eat it. She had already lost a few pounds and we needed her to eat for more than one reason. We decided to ditch the rx food as she wasn't eating anyway. We went to our local Mother Earth's food store and found your PetGuard wet food. She eats it up like no other food she's ever had. Day after day! Thank you for everything. She may live another 18 years eating PetGuard!! Now all our cats are on strict PetGuard diet! They only get your wet and dry food!"

Fluffy is honored and we are thankful! - Danielle in West Virginia

"Charlotte is a rescue cat adopted from the SPCA.  She is very affectionate and loves to be around people.  We have tried feeding her other brands of cat food, but it took time for her to become used to them.  When we fed her PetGuard®, she liked it right away.  We also noticed that her coat is much shinier after switching to PetGuard®."

Thank you — Tino in Indiana

“Buster changed to PetGuard two years ago as we wanted an all natural,  great quality balanced food. He immediately loved it. Buster loves PetGuard, and we appreciate how healthy and playful it keeps him.” 

Patrick & Jobe in Virginia

"I wanted to share that since being on your dry cat food, Jasmine hasn't thrown up once. She threw up several times a week on her old food Science Diet that I found out was loaded with GMO's.

What a blessing for your food; She likes the wet food samples you supplied and she has had so much fun with the organic cat nip as well which I so much appreciated in my order."

Thank you PetGuard! — Celestine & Jasmine

"My name is April and I am a veterinary assistant. Before I started working the veterinary medical field, my cat "Kit-Kat" was diagnosed with FLUTD. Luckily, he survived the surgery and treatments. The doctor told us to keep him on the prescription diet for feline crystals. He gained so much weight!

Over two years, he gained 6 lbs on this food. One pound for a cat is like twenty pounds on a person! I switched him then over to a prescription diet food that was formulated for overweight cats and cats with urinary problems. He did not lose weight. It only caused him to have more frequent bowel movements. I realized that a main cause of urinary problems with cats is caused by not drinking enough water? Why feed dry food? Canned can supply water and add to the total amount the cat is eating. Makes sense!

Since I work in a clinic, I run his blood work and urinalysis regularly. While on the 'prescription food', he showed lipids in the blood, and had very concentrated urine. I was very worried of him having a second blockage. I became interested in natural and holistic veterinary health, and decided to try PetGuard®. Since being on PetGuard® canned food mixed with a very small amount of dry, he has lost 5 of those 6 pounds! He is urinating more and with less strain. And last blood work shows no lipid levels in the blood! I believe this food helped with his urinary problems, and helped him from possibly becoming a diabetic cat, too! My other two cats are eating 2 meals of PetGuard® canned, and have perfect blood work results and smaller stools.

Thank you, PetGuard®, for helping animals and their owners alike!!!"

Sincerely — April P. in New Mexico

"Your food is just fabulous! Stevie licks the bowl clean and is a very, very content kitty after that! Since we have started feeding him PetGuard®, he has the energy of a cat much younger than his 10 years! Thank you! I believe your food will enable Stevie and I to enjoy each other for many more years to come!"

Kindest regards — Stevie and Jayne


"I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your PetGuard® Shampoo and Conditioner. Your product is fantastic! You have a loyal customer as of today. My mini pin's skin is...err, was in terrible shape but your product has stopped her scratching and solved the dry skin problem after the first bath!! I have been praying and searching for a product to use on Bella's dry skin. And your product is a miracle from God!!

First, it was hot spots, and then I thought it was the mange. Then I was clueless and took Bella to the Vet and they had no idea either. And they failed to make suggestions but after an expensive vet bill I was at my wit's end. Until today when I was determined to change Bella's diet and shampoo. I was sick of the smell of Sulfo shampoo and the skin medication for hot spots didn't solve the flaking dry skin or scratching. I knew she didn't have fleas but didn't know what to put on her extremely dry skin.

I found your shampoo on the shelf in a grocery store and read the label again and again. I knew or I hoped in my heart of hearts that the answer was on the way home with me. I gave Bella a bath and dried her off and waited. She didn't scratch. I couldn't see the flakes of dry skin either!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for a fantastic product!!"

Sincerely — Brenda

"After months of skin rashes and staph infection and huge vet bills for a dermatologist ,a drugged unhappy very itchy mini dachshund was started on a vegan diet (on a whim of mine since I'm vegan) and was much more comfortable within a week .Within a month he was and is a different dog. I feel so much better about his improving and about the ethical way you produce a great product thank you from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of Buzz's belly. We are so much better because of you."


"We have two English Springer Spaniels, Brandi (10) and Beaux (7). Earlier this year, Brandi was diagnosed with a cancerous mammary tumor as well as a non cancerous fatty tumor on her back leg. At the suggestion of our vet, she had surgery ASAP.

All during their lives, we have only fed them, as we thought, “ultra premium” dog food that we purchase from a national pet supply store. We have since replaced both Brandi’s and Beaux’s regular dog food with PetGuard®’s natural products, the dry food and the canned flavors. We feel that Brandi has had a very speedy and healthy recovery from surgery because of your products and we see a dramatic change in Beaux as well. Both have extremely soft and shiny coats, with very little, if any, shedding. Their eyes are clear and sharp, and they seem to be much more mentally alert. You have definitely extended AND saved their lives.

Both of them mean the world to us. A very heart felt THANK YOU."

Wayne and Yvonne

"Baxter, Oscar and Felix are all rescued cats. I have had them since they were kittens when I began feeding them PetGuard® Chicken and Wheat Germ. They are fed twice a day as my veterinarian recommends. I add some filtered water around the food so they have plenty of fluid in addition to their water bowl. As you can see from the picture, these guys are healthy, happy cats. Their coats are shiny and soft and they are trim and fit. I consider how much I would increase my own health and vitality if I fed myself food as high in quality as PetGuard!"


"Arthur's mother was pregnant, living behind a dumpster, when she was rescued. His first months of life were spent in a box, inside a fraternity house. When I brought Arthur home, he was surrounded with love, kisses, and a new big sister (another rescued kitty), Marilyn. I work in the natural healthcare field and feel grateful for PetGuard® products. I am very mindful of what I put into my body and feel so good giving Arthur such nourishing, whole foods--especially considering his rough start in life. Food is medicine--for all living creatures. Watching him and Marilyn snuggle up after breakfast fills my heart with pure love and contentment. I witness how happy they are and I know that I am doing the absolute best for my babies."

Best Regards — Happy PetGuard Customer

"I started feeding my dogs your organic vegetarian dog food for two reasons. First of all, all of my rescued babies have experienced digestional issues from the time I adopted them and I wanted to feed them something that was really good for them and would provide the nutrients they had not been able to previously absorb. Secondly, as a vegetarian, I am elated that PetGuard® has provided me with environmentally-friendly and more humane options to feed my fur-babies. While some will say that the food is pricey Buddy, Joey, Cubby and I all agree it is well worth it!! For the first time, none of them have experienced digestional issues and they love it."

Much thanks and please keep up the good work! — Elisabeth

"I want to thank you for making your dry organic vegetarian formula for dogs. I have three beloved shihtzus who have skin and gastrointestinal problems on meat based foods. Also, I am vegan and have desperately wanted to sever my tie to the slaughterhouse previously maintained only through my dogs. Although your veggie dry food is not vegan since it contains eggs, I still feel more comfortable with it than with any other food, AND my dogs love it. As a bonus, their skin has cleared up and stools are completely normal for the very first time. So again, we all thank you for your fine products.Thank you for providing such a quality product. My dog and cats are always so healthy and their coats are so shiny! It's been such a relief to know I can trust your products!"


"I just have to write and tell you my story regarding your Yeast & Garlic Wafers! I have a 7 year old cat who was a stray and came to me when he was approximately 6 months old. He was really ill and beaten up but after many vet visits, all of his problems were taken care of except for one……..he continued to have a skin problem. It was determined that he had allergies and believe me we have tried everything from different foods to steroid shots. Nothing worked and he has been 40 to 50% furless all of his little life.

A friend of mine gives her animals the PetGuard® Yeast & Garlic Wafers and she gave me a couple for my cat. I just really didn’t want to use a harsh product on him this year because of his delicate skin and fur condition. She said to use the wafers instead.

A really amazing thing happened – after 5 days of taking one wafer a day, his fur started growing in!! It has now only been two weeks and he does not have one bald patch on his little body. He runs for the wafers when I get them out and he is so happy that he is no longer furless! We are thrilled and little kitty is so grateful!"

Sincerely — Kitty’s Mom

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