At PetGuard®, we love our pets as much as your love yours. Our team is dedicated to producing the best products possible. You want your cats and dogs to live long, healthy lives, and that is our goal as well.

Photo of Lucky and


Chief Cat Officer

Meet Lucky, our Chief Cat Officer (CCO). He's the man who meets-and-greets our visitors and improves office morale. He's the coolest cat we know! And the name Lucky? That's not by chance. In 2006, his sweet kitty cries were heard coming from a drain pipe where he was found and rescued, and he's been a part of the PetGuard family ever since. You can find him sitting on our desks, touring the office for scratches, or curled up cozily in our laps—it's safe to say that we're the lucky ones. :)

Photo of Bill Shaner and Canija and Luna

Bill Shaner
(& Canija and Luna)

CEO and Managing Partner

Meet Bill, the Managing Partner and CEO of Petguard: "I love being part of the PetGuard team, but my best moment each day is when I arrive home to be greeted by our “herd”, Canija and Luna. Canija is a Peruvian street dog that our daughter Kimberly brought back from a trip to Cusco, and Luna is a Heeler rescued by my wife Donna from a shelter in Colorado. They have very interesting and different personalities, but are both super enthusiastic about their PetGuard food, especially the Chicken and Herb."

Photo of Anthony Scarpino and Twiggy

Anthony Scarpino
(& Twiggy)

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony handles everything from Finance and IT to HR functions: "At home, my wife and I are parents to two rescue pups from the Caribbean, Twiggy and Tucker. Though Twiggy rules the roost, Tucker is the Chief Snuggle Officer. Both Twiggy and Tucker love LifeSpan Dry Dog Food, but only Twiggy demands it be mixed with plenty of PetGuard wet dog food."

Photo of Dave Fedorchak and Josie

Dave Fedorchak
(& Josie)

Vice President of R&D and Procurement

Dave is responsible for research and development (R&D) and purchasing: "My main focus is to ensure that all of our PetGuardians are able to feed their furbabies the very best balanced diet. I have a science background and mind, but my dog Josie reminds me that creating the best pet food should also be done with love. She thinks my job is pretty great, too."

Photo of Cameron Palmer and

Cameron Palmer

Vice President of Supply Chain

Cam is our go-to for all things supply chain: "I have a supply chain background and have worked in almost all areas from Logistics and Operations to Planning and Purchasing. I want to make sure every PetGuardian has easy access to our products, and that there's always plenty of it available for your furry family members! All of my family and friends that are pet parents have gone out of their way to tell me how much they love PetGuard products."

The Sherman Family
(& Nicolai)

PetGuard Founders

Sharon Sherman, her husband Steven and son Zachary are the founders of PetGuard. Sharon believes in creating pet food from pure ingredients, and was the visionary behind PetGuard 40 years ago before healthy, natural products were readily available: “We wanted to provide concerned pet parents all-natural products for their pets just like those they bought for their themselves. This is the reason behind all of our formulas.” You can read the entire story in the About Section of the site.

PetGuard® is available nationwide at Natural Food Specialty retailers and online.

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