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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do PetGuard® foods contain grains? 
A. Yes, PetGuard foods contain grains.  PetGuard® has never pursued the grain-free fad.  For the last 40 years, we have focused on producing the same quality formulas which contain a variety of proteins, grains, healthy fats and vegetables.  For additional information, please read an article from our veterinarian.

Q. Where are PetGuard Ingredients Sourced?
You can read all about our ingredients and sourcing here

Q. Why doesn't PetGuard® state that 'human grade ingredients" are used in your products?
A. According to the USDA and FDA, it is illegal to use or promote the use of the verbiage "human-grade ingredients" because there is no legal term as "human grade". PetGuard® uses ingredients that we would eat ourselves. The best ingredients that PetGuard® uses in the foods we bring to your pets are the result of 25 years of working with our suppliers and careful monitoring of the quality demanded for products manufactured to our specifications.

Q. What are By-Products?
A. Animal by-products include such things as feathers, fur, tendons, hooves and beaks. There are no by-products in any PetGuard® product.

Q. Do you use GMO's in your foods?
A. GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are not used in PetGuard® products.

Q. What preservatives are used in PetGuard® products?
A. PetGuard®dry foods are preserved with mixed tocopherols and vitamins C and E. These natural preservatives serve two functions: they prevent the food from spoiling and they scavenge free radicals that are known to cause cancer and cell damage.

Q. How do you judge the quality of the beef that you purchase to produce your products? 
A. PetGuard uses Natural Beef in its beef products. This is beef which is raised with NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO steroids and beef that was NEVER fed animal by- products. 

Q. Why does the color and texture of your products change from time to time?
A. Because we use only all-natural ingredients in our formulas, the finished products may vary slightly in color or texture. Remember, there are no fillers, artificial colors or flavors in PetGuard® foods to assure that every product would look exactly like the one before it.

Other Questions

Q.  How do you transition your dog or cat to PetGuard food?

Infographic of Transitioning Pet Food

Slowly transition your cat or dog to PetGuard® entrées or dinners by mixing the new entrée or dinner with your cat or dog’s current entrée or dinner over 7-10 days. Continuously increase the amount of PetGuard® food while decreasing the amount in your pet’s current diet. Once the transition is complete, you can rotate between our entrées and dinners without a transition period, unless your cat or dog has a certain sensitivity.

Day 1-3: Feed 25% PetGuard®, 75% Old Food

Day 4-6: Feed 50% PetGuard®, 50% Old Food

Day 7-9: Feed 75% PetGuard®, 25% Old Food

Day 10: 100% PetGuard

Q. How much do I feed my pet? 
A. Each food has feeding instructions and amounts based upon the size of your pet and their age.  All feeding instructions are listed on each package as well as on the webpage for each product.

Q. Explain what are organic foods and why are your products better.
A. Unlike many foods produced today, organic foods are grown without pesticides or harmful chemical fertilizers. Organic foods do not contain artificial products of any kind. For example, Coleman Beef, which is used exclusively by PetGuard® in all its beef dinners, are cattle raised from birth without artificial hormones or antibiotics. The chicken used in PetGuard® chicken dinners is USDA hormone-free poultry. Every PetGuard® product is prepared from wholesome ingredients including fresh vegetables and whole grains, complete with fiber and nutrients to offer your pet companion a flavorful, highly digestible food free of artificial ingredients and by-products. Just good wholesome food.

Q. Where are PetGuard® products available?
A. PetGuard® products are marketed through neighborhood pet stores, health and natural food stores, and veterinarian offices across the country. Some stores are listed on our Where to Buy page.  You can also contact us and a representative will help identify retailers in your area.

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?
A. All PetGuard® products, including all PetGuard® supplements, have an expiration date printed on the label or the can. Just like with foods that humans consume, to take advantage of maximum freshness, products should be used in a timely manner.


PetGuard® is available nationwide at Natural Food Specialty retailers and online.

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