Ethically Sourced Formulas

Our philosophy is to make the best product possible with the best ingredients possible, all sourced responsibly. Our ingredients are the same as you would see on your dinner table.

Free of Unhealthy Ingredients

All our products are free of artificial ingredients, colors, carrageenan, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavorings.

100% Nutritionally Complete & Balanced

Each of our unique dinners are specifically formulated & correctly balanced with the proper amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins & chelated minerals.

Since 1979

Family Owned & Operated

Since 1979, PetGuard® has created delicious pet foods in the USA.  Before natural pet foods were commercially available, PetGuard® created wholesome, natural foods with quality ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, and by-products. Before ingredients like chelated minerals, natural preservatives, and real meats became popular in pet food, PetGuard® foods contained those ingredients.  We do not follow the trends over time, but create our formulas based upon your pet’s unique needs. At PetGuard®, we believe your pet deserves the best, and PetGuard® foods are designed to help PetGuardians™ guard their pets’ health and happiness. 

More About PetGuard®

Our Food is Formulated with the Very Best Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is important to PetGuardians, for this reason we select the finest ingredients from the best sources.  We know that high-quality proteins are essential for cats and dogs.  Our chicken, beef, and turkey are all antibiotic free.  We also use sustainable seafood.  High-quality grains provide carbohydrates for energy, fiber for digestion, and essential nutrients for your pet’s health. We choose superior fats for our formulas.  We use high quality fats in our recipes; each oil is specifically called out in the ingredient statement.  Our organic formulas include Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Sunflower Oil.  Vegetables and Fruits provide essential nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. 

Learn more about individual ingredients and sources